• HOLOP2 - Armstrong School - Cust. Color - Indian Hill, OH

    Used for: AOL series, HOL series, MAOL series, MHOL series, HOL series

    The S-102 screen is the core component of almost every style screen which Allied Window manufactures.

  • SCR1 - New England - Bowed Screen Porch

    The S-101 screen has the same basic construction as the S-102 screen, but is only 5/16” thick. This makes the S-101 screen a high quality replacement screen for the flimsy screens originally provided with aluminum windows for homes and apartments.

  • Half S-102 Drop-In Screen - Matthews Hall - Harvard University

    The drop-in screen is an exterior screen for wood double-hungs. “Deep guide” side channel tracks are provided for the screen to drop into. The screen has lift handles for seasonal removal, if desired.

  • Half Screen S-102 - Vertical Sliding - Fay House - Harvard University

    The 1/2-sliding screen has full height “deep” and “shallow” screen guides for a spring-loaded screen to travel in. The screen has lift handles. The side springs permit seasonal removal, if desired.

  • Half Screen S-102 - Horizontal Sliding (SAW)

    Used for: SAW Series

    These plain screens interchange with the sliding glass panels in a Slide-A-Way (SAW) unit.

  • Full Screen (S-102)

    A full screen covers the entire exterior area of various styles of wood windows. There are many methods to secure the screen in place, and allow for easy removal, - depending on the nature of the existing window and field conditions.

  • S-102 - Wicket Screen

    Wicket screens have hinged or sliding screen panels that provide access to the locking handles for steel or aluminum Casement or projected-style windows.

  • S-102 - Build Out Screen

    Plain screens or wickets screens often require the application of an aluminum angle build-out frame to provide clearance for window hardware or normal operation.

  • S-121 - Magnetic-Screen

    Used for: MOL Series

    Plain or wicket screens (interior only) can be secured in place to steel windows by the use of magnetic tape on all (4) sides. Screens with magnetic tape on the jambs only can be interchanged with glass panels in the Magnetic One Lite (MOL) series.