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Exterior/Inside Removable Storm Windows

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HOL2B - Dankenbring Resi. - 2 Openings - Cincinnati, OH

Historic One Lite Windows

The Historic One Lite (HOL) series is designed to be “invisible”, - when painted the same color as the existing sash. All existing sash should be operable, to permit removal and/or cleaning from the interior. There is no hardware on the exterior. Typically, one or two panels are removable from the interior, and are secured by perimeter clips.
HOLOP1B - Christ Church - Single - Louisville, KY

Operable Historic One Lite - (HOL-OP) - With Screen

The Operable historic One Lite (HOL-OP) series has the same "invisible" appearance as the (HOL) units, but the bottom sash is operable and removable. It also has a year-round screen.