• HOLOP6C - Millicent Library - Triple -Custom Color - Fairhaven, MA

    This unit has a single panel which removes directly to the interior. An interchangeable screen is available. This is an excellent unit for single vent Inswing wood Casements or a double-sash Inswing wood "French Casement" window.

  • HOL8B - Hershey Residence - Circle Top Cincinnati, OH

    This is the normal and most popular unit for standard wood double-hung windows. The top is fixed and the bottom panel is removable to the interior. An interchangeable screen is available. The horizontal divider for the master frame of the (HOL) is aligned with the meeting rail on the existing window.

  • HOL13 - Vaux Hall - Invisible Storms - Phoenixville, PA

    Both panels of this unit remove directly to the interior. Interchangeable screens available for both panels. Typically used where upper ventilation is desired for a double-hung, or for very large Inswing Wood "French Casements" or folding steel windows.

  • HOL-C V - Historic One Lite Vertical Double Panel - Vertical Meeting Rail - Clifton Mansion - Baltimore, MD

    This model is perfect for homes that have Inswing Double Casement windows, which includes a vertical meeting rail, allowing both left and right panels to remove directly to the interior. Interchangeable screen inserts are available.

  • HOL4 - Gold Residence Cust. Color Eastern-Csg. - Winchester, MA

    Eastern style wood double-hungs have a facing board, - but no blindstop (like a Western casing). To avoid an unsightly “overlap” installation, the (HOL) unit is mounted inside the 3/4” facing board to provide a flush appearance. This is accomplished either by mounting (head and jambs) to a 1/2” channel stop, or nesting inside a 1/2” x 3/4” angle.

  • HOL-OP - Operating Historic One Lite - With Screen - Standard Color

    The Operable Historic One Lite (HOL-OP) series has the same "invisible" appearance as the (HOL) units, but the bottom sash is operable and removable. It also has a year-round screen.

  • Top Outside-Removable (TOR) Feature

    The Top Outside-Removable (TOR) feature is designed for double-hung openings where the top sash is not operable, and it allows access to the upper area for cleaning. It is also used in lieu of the fixed upper glass on Operating Historic One Lite (HOL-OP) units. This outside-removable panel uses "invisible clips" that are flush.

  • rsz H-9 HOL-C-TOR

    This special version of the (HOL-C) allows for all the exterior removal of an upper panel, which has invisible clips around its perimeter.

  • MHOL

    For units where (3/16") or (1/4") glazing is required. Special marine-glazed panels are used.