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Interior Storm Windows

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MOL7A - VA Military Institute-Building Pic. - Lexington,VA

Interior Magnetic Storm Windows

The Magnetic One Lite (MOL) series is designed for openings where ventilation is not a concern. The single panel is easily removable for cleaning or painting, -or in the event that ventilation or egress is required. Glazing thickness is (1/8") or (5/32").

The Stacked Magnetic One Lite (MOL-ST) series is designed for larger fixed openings, where the units is made up
Of two (2) or more removable (stacked) panels.

The Operating Magnetic One Lite (MOL-OP) series provides a vertically operating bottom panel, -for ease of ventilation. The top is fixed, -but the entire unit is easily removable for cleaning or painting. This model is also available with an interior operating screen.

The Monumental Magnetic One Lite (MMOL) series is designed as single removable panel for very large openings. It is typically glazed with (3/16") or (1/4" glass, and has special heavy-duty lift handles.

The Stacked Monumental Magnetic One Lite (MMOL-ST) series For very large openings, the stacked unit permits the easy removal of all panels, for ventilation or cleaning. The (MMOL-ST) uses (3/16") or (1/4") glazing and has heavy extruded lift handles.
SAW1C - Wingate Inn - Arched Transom - Cleveland, TN

Interior Sliding Storm Windows

The Slide-A-Way (SAW) series provides two(2) or more sliding panels, and is typically used where steel casements are involved. They provide quick ventilation, and are easily removable for cleaning.