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Interior Magnetic Storm Windows

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MOL12 - St.Paul's Family Ctr.- Glazing Muntins-Birmingham, AL

Magnetic One Lite (MOL)

The standard (MOL) is a single panel, and is ideal for fixed windows where ventilation is not a major factor. This unit lifts out for easy cleaning. Large, undivided units can be provided, but the use of a (1-1/4”) glazing muntin can eliminate the need for heavier glass.
MOLST1 - Furness Hall U Of PA - Lami - Cust.Clr. - Philadelphia,

Stacked Magnetic One Lite (MOL-ST)

For large or tall double-hung openings, the stacked unit permits the easy removal of all panels, for ventilation or cleaning.
MOLOP4A  - Ventilation-Double - Stephen Foster Sr. Hsg. - Louisv.

Operating Magnetic One Lite (MOL-OP) - No Screen

Where ventilation is important, the (MOL-OP) is a bottom-operable unit. The entire unit is removable for cleaning. An exterior (1/2) or full screen is an option.
MOLOP2 - With Scr. - Hampstead Sr. Hsg. - Hampstead, MD

Operating Magnetic One Lite (MOL-OP) - With Screen

This is identical to the above unit, except that provision is made for an interior-sliding screen. Note: Screen must be raised and lowered to open and close prime window.
MOL5B - Exec. Ctr.East - Double Opng. - Evansville, IN

Monumental Magnetic One Lite (MMOL)

For very large single openings. The (MMOL) utilizes a (1-3/8”) frame and has heavy extruded lift-handles.
AOL5A - Higgins Armory Museum - Large Opening - Worcester, M

Mullions - Multiple Units

Extruded tubes are utilized to mull various (MOL) units. Units can be installed between, or overlapping the mullions.
MOLST5 - State & City Bldg. - Invs. Storms - Transom-Roanoke, V

Magnetic Jamb - Alternatives

There are “standard” methods for installing the (MOL) series, but custom methods can always be developed for unusual field conditions.
BLIND1 - Hospital Sidelight

Magnetic Unit - With Mini-Blind (Between Windows) (MOL-B)

Remote-controlled between-window mini-blinds (1” or 5/8”) are available for all (MOL) series units.
WMOL1B - OH Hist. Society - Farm house - Piqua, OH - Full View

Wood Magnetic One Lite (WMOL)

For special conditions where a single panel interior wood storm window is required.
MOLST4A - U.S. Customs House & USPO - St. Louis, MO - Double - Cu

D-48 Monumental MOL

This unit utilizes special laminated glass, or “full-glass” protective window film, - in a marine-glazed frame.This unit provides superior protection.