Oriel/Cottage Style Window, Allied One Lite Double Panel with Invisible Clips
This option has (2) exterior removable panels held in with our invisible clips. AOL-D models with (3) exterior removable panels, AOL-E models with (4) exterior removable panels…etc. are also available.

Alternatives for MAOL-C

Alternatives for AOL-B

Unit of Measure


N/A Condensation Reduction – One of the most welcome benefits of storm windows is the reduction and perhaps elimination of condensation on the interior of the existing window. Any water or ice build up is certain to cause damage to walls, sills, and to the windows themselves

Energy Savings – Installing our exterior or interior storm windows over existing single-glazed windows will reduce your energy costs by approximately 50%.

Prime Window Protection – Not only will adding our exterior storm window to your existing window protect it from the elements, but also preserve its appearance and reduce the formation of condensation.

Sound Reduction – Customers have noticed a dramatic reduction of noise pollution after installing our storm windows. Additional sound reduction can be achieved by using laminated glass.

Sound Reduction – Sound reduction is the major “unexpected” benefit after installation of our storm windows. Many people are surprised at the dramatic reduction in outside noise.

Optional Storm Window Features

Interior Storm Window Option


Special Shape Units

N/A We have the expertise to accommodate windows of any shape for virtually all of our storm window models. MORE INFO

Standard or Custom Colors

N/A Allied Window does its own custom-color painting and can match virtually any color. MORE INFO

Low E

N/A This is an energy-saving coating which reflects heat outside during the warm months & reflects it back inside during the colder months. The result is added efficiency to your air-conditioning and heating units. There is a slight tint to Low-E glass.

The special pyrolytic coating on the glass can be cleaned carefully like regular glass. It reduces energy loss by about 20% when compared to clear glass.

Bowed Units

N/A We can provide bent/bowed glass, acrylic storm windows, and screens for any bowed window project. MORE INFO

Screens/ Ventilation

N/A Our screen frames are virtually indestructible as they are comprised of heavy solid-aluminum extrusions. Charcoal aluminum screen wire is our standard screen material; however, many requested options are available. (e.g. fiberglass, bronze, stainless steel, etc.) We’ll accommodate any custom situation, interior or exterior, including build-out, wicket, and sliding screens. MORE INFO

Sound Reduction

N/A Sound reduction is the major "unexpected" benefit after installation of our storm windows. Even with using our standard 1/8” glass, many people are surprised at the dramatic reduction in outside noise.
If increased sound reduction is requested, we recommend using 3/16” or ¼” laminated glass, which has a PVB inter layer between two pieces of glass. This material used in our Monumental Series, provides outstanding sound benefits.
There are several methods for measuring sound characteristics, the most common of which is a Sound Transmission Class or "STC" rating. Our storm windows (laminated glass) have been field tested on several projects, and were found to meet the stated criteria for that project. MORE INFO

Stained & Leaded Glass Windows Protection

N/A Allied Window can increase the level of protection from the destructive forces of nature and the destructive forces of man - for the window itself, as well as the people and property inside the building. MORE INFO

UV Protection

N/A UV light is the major reason for fading of fabrics and damage to other valuable materials.

Using laminated glass in our storm windows can provide up to 99% protection from some or all of the UV light. UV filtering acrylic, and polycarbonate can also be used; however, there are some disadvantages to using these materials. Scratching and yellowing are the most common. MORE INFO