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 All Categories    "Narrow-Line" Screens for Steel Casement Windows (S-121)
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Item # S-121, "Narrow-Line" Screens for Steel Casement Windows (S-121)

A wide variety of custom screens is available using a narrow (1/2" x 3/8") extruded frame. These were developed for use with custom steel casement designs such as Crittall or Hop's Windows. These are typically magnetic, and include sliding or hinged wickets, box screens, as well as plain or build-out screens. Interior or exterior applications. All screens are custom-designed, with custom colors, and with a variety of screen mesh options.


I-21 Plain screen-interior mount drawing-2
(PDF, 12KB)

I-22 Wicket Screen-Interior Mount drawing-2
(PDF, 32KB)

I-20 Magnetic wicket screen drawing-2
(PDF, 23KB)

I-24 Magnetic Wicket Screen with PVC drawing-2
(PDF, 23KB)

I-23 Buildout Screen S-121 Framing drawing-2
(PDF, 14KB)

I-21 Palin screen - Interior Mount drawing-2

I-22 Wicket Screen - Interior mount drawing-2

I-20 Magnetic Wicket screen drawing-2

I-24 Magnetic Wicket Screen with PVC drawing-2

I-23 Buildout Screen S-121 framing drawing-2