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AOL15  Merling-Resi. - BIR Cust. Color - Wilmington. OH

Allied One Lite - (2) Panel (AOL-C-BIR) Bottom Inside-Removable

This unit is frequently used for wood double-hungs where the top sash is not operable. The bottom panel is removable from the interior, and an interchangeable screen is available. There is no exterior hardware for this panel. The upper panel is outside-removable, with standard clips or optional “invisible clips” around the perimeter.
AOL12 - Haysbert Resi. - Bowed Plex - Cincinnati. OH

Allied One Lite - (2) Panel (AOL-C-BIR-TLO) - Top Lift Out Feature

This unit is a special version of the (AOL-C-BIR) which provides for lift out removal of the upper panel. Receptor tracks are provided for the top and bottom of the panel, and standard clips are utilized on the sides only.